Life Care Commitment

Life Care CommitmentThe longer we live, the more likely it is that we will exhaust our retirement savings. At many facilities for older adults, residents whose financial resources run out face a harsh reality: they're asked to find care elsewhere. That has never been the case at OPRS Communities. In fact, since the day we opened the Dorothy Love Retirement Community in 1922, no OPRS resident has ever been asked to leave because they’ve run out of the resources meant to see them through.

The program that allows us to fulfill this promise is called, appropriately, the Life Care Commitment - and it is one of the central values of OPRS. Not only does the Life Care Commitment assure residents that they will always have a home in our retirement communities, it also means all residents receive the same high quality of health care and other services, regardless of their financial status. As long as personal resources are not impaired or misused, the Life Care Commitment will help assure that residents will not have to leave the campus they call home, or seek another place to receive care.

The generosity of donors currently underwrites 20 to 30 percent of the total cost of the Life Care Commitment each year. Since we anticipate tougher economic challenges in the future, strengthening this program is a priority.